Monday, 23 November 2009

Jaime Antonio Leme Jr

A fellow Immersionite (the business course I'm currently attending) has kindly offered to take photos of the group, as a kind of keep-sake I suppose.
I think we were all a bit wary at first as we were told we needed to bring in a prop... but an article has just been posted on jotta (click to read), and I'm now very much looking forward to participating in this shoot!

I couldnt choose what image I liked best, so I just had to put 'em all up!

His work reminds me of David LaChapelle, one of my, well idols! - EXCITED!

thirst* photos

Just some quick snaps from my phone (sorry about the dodgy quality..) from thirst*

This is the first time my work has been displayed under glass, which feel quite odd for me, as I want people to be able to get close and really look at the imagery and feel the surface textures. Ah well, it makes it all the more 'grown up' and museum-y and archive-y - Its all very exciting!

It just so happened, that most of the people exhibiting came from CSM this year - good year for us apparently!

Some really interesting stuff there, I didnt actually take any photos, but i particularly liked Elisa Strozyk's Wooden Textiles. I am fascinated by them, they look so tactile and lovely! (image from Eliza's CSM Showtime website)

Thursday, 12 November 2009

EXCLUSIVE stockist..

New Exclusive Stockist of 'the chewing gum floors'...

Lesley Davy Gallery
53 columbia road
London E2 7RG

Saturday 2pm -5pm
Sunday 10am - 3.30pm

The Gallery is situated right in Columbia Road Flower Market, So head on down there on a Sunday, and enjoy! (and buy my work! hehe)

NEXT EXHIBITION: Beldam gallery, Brunel University

Brunel University
Wilfred Brown Building
Kingston Lane
Hope you can make it!
(any other info you need - just contact me!)

TAP: As the Crows Fly Show

Unfortunately, this show has finished now...
but here are some of the images of the great works featured! (as i've only just got round to it - sorry!)
I think I mentioned before I was showing here. It was an exhibition featuring the work of the artists in my studios - at SYNCHRO STUDIOS (no website as yet im afraid..). There is quite a wide range of artists and different work, although there is only 12 of us!
The venue was great - the old water works in Southend on Sea. The building has been changed into a gallery and artists studios by CoExist.
Anyway, here's some images from the Private view (just before we opened):

PRESS:Ceramics at Art School 09

A complete surprise for me this one. Was in uni visiting the now third years and one said to me 'hey you're famous - you're in Ceramic Review'

So naturally I rushed down to the library and lo and behold, there I was! I'd completely forgotten I'd sent away any images, it was so long ago - degree show time. I suppose I assumed they'd already published the feature...

There's some good work featured, I'm off out to try and buy a copy (dont really think anywhere in Southend stocks CR.. so it may have to wait til next trip into the big smoke..) but until then, here's the hastily scanned images:

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

George Bamford

A few weeks ago a lady called me and said she was calling on behalf of top UK photographer George Bamford and he'd like to photograph me for a project he was currently working on.

I went to the shoot yesterday, and he was great. Wasn't anything like I expected - He was young and trendy and reallly nice! Haha, that sounds bad, like I was expecting him to be awful..but thats not what I meant.
He was really nice to talk to, really put me at ease and his studios (The IRIS Studios) were great! Turns out he studied at the American version of Central Saint Martins - Parsons?

I'm not going to say anymore, because I'm not sure if I am allowed to...


PRESS: jotta online magazine

Fellow blogger, graphic designer and colleague on the course I am currently on - Calum Ross, interviewed me for the 'One to Watch' section on the online magazine jotta!

Hurrah! more press - the only way is up! and look - There is an article on Grayson Perry to the left of mine!

To read the full article click HERE


I know it's not really work related, but I guess its 'life related'...I've just celebrated my birthday with a Zombie Crawl on halloween around my home town of Southend on Sea!

Our make up and 'styling' so to speak, I thought was amazing, so I just wanted to show a few of the pictures off!

They were taken by my good friend Paul Gardner, who is a fab photographer (and helped me take the current photographs of my work) He also works at Bar 29, Southend on Sea as the promotions manager, hence him taking the horrific zombie photos! (check out both the Bar's and Paul's websites!)