Sunday, 26 February 2012


Department for Culture Media & Sport

Got a little mention in The Observer today (Sunday 26th Feb)

Read all about it on the guardian website!  I made front page there too!


And here is a lovely little picture of me with 'If that Door Could Talk' inside Downing Street (courtesy of the department for culture media & sport.  Click here to go to the Flickr page)

Thursday, 23 February 2012


..The things my mum keeps!

I found this little box of goodies in a drawer whilst searching for a hairbrush:

Grayson Perry - Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman

I really wanted to go and see this exhibition.  I tried to book online, but unfortunately all the tickets were pre-booked!  The only other option was to get up there by 9am and nab one of the 200 tickets they make available on the day!

So that was the plan.

Just my luck that I wake up late and to cut a long story short, we get there at roughly 1.30pm.. and guess what - they'd all sold out! DOH!

Never mind, I still got to see Grayson's motorbike and Alan Measles Stunt teddy 'Ted'

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Are you a contemporary craftsperson? designer? artist?  Are you looking for somewhere to work with like minded individuals and also have access to a modern gallery space & shop to showcase and sell your work throughout the year?

Look no further! Contact sending details of your discipline and recent photos of your work.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Spring has Sprung

Take a look at these gorgeous Spring & Easter decorations by Julie Spurgeon, a resident artist at miss annabel dee* studios & gallery

Look at those cute button tails!

I'm also in the process of changing the window display around, in time for Spring.

We stock Larios Pet pins.  Come along and check them out!  We've got Pugs, Beagles, Bunny Rabbits and more...

4th Downing Street Visit

Was asked to go back to Downing Street to film a short Press video on the contemporary craft & design exhibition being held there.. YIKES! with only a day's notice!

Had to be there at 9am this morning, which meant for me, getting up at 6... (alarm at 5.40 so I can have a snooze).. and boy, am i tired now!

I even fell asleep on the train - something i never do for fear of the 'snoring-so-loudly-you-wake-yourself-up'.  I had only written a short piece of what I wanted to say about my pieces and had memorised it on the train (before the snooze).. or so I thought.  Once the cameras were rolling I went completly blank and I actually have no idea what I said.

So, I cant wait for the actual video.. see how much of an idiot I manage to look like!

On the plus side, I saw Humphrey the Downing Street cat, sprawled out on top of a radiator....

That's the life ey!?

oh no, ive just looked the cat up, and bleeding hell, the current cat is only bleeding LARRY!? whoops!  I hope they dont mind!

Sorry Larry!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Another Sotheby's commission..

I really do have to thank Janice Blackburn for giving me so many amazing opportunities, such as the Downing Street exhibition.  

It was Janice who visited my degree show before we had opened and chose me to showcase my work in her 'small show Huge Talent' show at Sotheby's.  It was here, that my work caught the eye of the Head of Sotheby's and he has been commissioning me ever since.

I have just delivered the latest commission, which was a ceramic vessel for his partner's 40th birthday present.  Unfortunately  I havent any photos of the final piece, as I like to respect the privacy of my clients (as the images and words are quite personal to them etc)  However I do have a snapshot of the decal sheet, just as a little taster:

I received this LOVELY thank you note this evening:

"What a wonderful piece of ceramic you have produced for my 40th. I honestly can say that it is the most beautiful present I have ever received. I knew about your talent from Jasper's (Conran, a previous commission) jars, but mine is massive.

I thought you were so smart and thoughtful choosing the composition -ok, getting the symbol of Madrid, the bear and the evergreen tree in relief is already quite something- and arranging the pictures so fantastically well.

I'm so proud to be the owner of one of your pieces, so carefully crafted and smartly produced. What a great treasure to look back to my life with perspective and see that everything is just fine, and so well narrated."

I'm well chuffed! Another happy customer!

Downing Street..

Third visit to No.10 Downing Street the other day! (haha i sound so blase about it..)

I was delivering two vessels to be displayed in the state rooms of Downing Street which will be part of the Contemporary Crafts exhibition there curated by Janice Blackburn.  Click here for some more information.

They'll be there for roughly 6 months, which is brilliant news - hopefully LOTS of people will see them and hopefully I will get some commissions from it. 

The vessels titled 'If That Door Could Talk' and 'Number Ten' are based on - funnily enough, Downing Street and the people who, stick out, particularly in my mind - Winston Churchill for example.

Just a little peek of the final pieces:

The facilities manager there loved them!  Which I'm really chuffed about!  There was even talks about him actually buying the pieces to keep at Downing Street permanently! Cripes! Fingers crossed!

EDIT: They were bought and are now in the permanent Downing Street Art Collection! Yay!