Friday, 28 September 2012

Tales from the Two Puddings

My uncle Eddie has written a book about the time he was a Landlord in his pub The Two Puddings in the 1960s:

Ties in brilliantly with my work!  Alot of the photos used in my collection 'The Chewing Gum Floors' are featured in this book.  See of you can spot some of them in the video?

Later in the year I will be holding a book signing here at the gallery, so watch this space!

Pencil it in your diary for Saturday 10th November!

New Commission

For a 60th Wedding anniversary.  I was approached by the couple's son and daughter-in-law as they had seen my work before, and thought it would be a wonderful present for his
parents upcoming anniversary.

The couple were very well travelled and the son wanted to include various references to where they had married, lived and places they loved.

The supplied me with some lovely vintage photographs.  One from their wedding day, and others of which scrawled on the front was their promise of love to each other - from all those years ago!

Love doing projects like this!

approx h23cm x w11cm

Thursday, 20 September 2012


I have been working with my old university (UAL - Central Saint Martins) alongside Busaba Eathai and Brunel University creating a new type of 'barcode'

And I've just come back from the Launch held at the Old Street branch of the restaurant as part of London Design Week.

The idea is to have a code incorporated into a design, drawing or pattern  instead of a QR code - you know those square things you see on the corner of posters etc, which takes you directly to a website? Instead of one of those, which could make an item look ugly or ruin the overall look of a product.  You may understand better if you have a look at the images below.

Anyway, one of my designs was used on the press release and the invite sent out to potential sponsors and clients! Yippeeee!

Busaba "creates a tailor made dining experience triggered by smartphone recognition of decorative artwork which can be placed on objects such as tableware, menus and placemats.  Customers are enabled to explore tasks such as ordering, paying their bill, queue jumping and more"

The images above and below are my designs!  Unfortunately I had another design, but it broke coming out of the kiln (typical!) so it couldnt be used at the launch! Bummer!