Friday, 13 November 2015

3 wedding commisions

Things always seem to come in Three's don't they.  I've recently had a trio of exhibitions here at the gallery and I realised that I hadn't shared with you some special commissions I made earlier in the year, and you've guessed it - there were three of them.

Wedding Commission #1

The bride's mother approached me to make her daughter a First Anniversary present with images of her wedding on.  The client more or less knew what she wanted and what she didn't want.  No direct photos and very subtle colours, to reflect the colour theme of the day.  She wanted an aesthetically pleasing piece,  which didn't scream 'wedding souvenir'.

Using photographs from the day that were provided for me, I illustrated the happy couple within a line drawing, but kept the flowers as a photograph to make them stand out.  I also drew various aspects of the day - the bunting and seating arrangement of the venue as it was quite striking and memorable (the venue being an old factory in East London).  The lighting, balloons and pom pom decorations were also included, to give an overall memory of the day

Wedding Commission #2

Nathan approached me to make his wife a surprise 10th Anniversary present.  As you can see the feel to this commission is totally different to the first.  Its more vibrant and colourful - reflecting the colours and flowers used on the day.  

Using photographs Nathan provided, I was able to illustrate the band and the happy couple and also the venue.  Lyrics to the couples first dance were also included to make it even more personal.

Wedding Commission #3

Last but not least, June approached me this autumn for a present for her niece who had just got married in the summer.  She wanted a commemorative plate with their name and the date on.

Using the invitation and the photographs provided I illustrated an image of the couple and added text.  The couple got married in Cornwall so June wanted a laid back nautical feel to match the vibe on the day.

If you are interested in commissioning me for a special occasion, please get in touch!

Plates : £80

Vessels : £180

Saturday, 7 November 2015

A Trio of Exhibitions

Over the last month or so, I have curated a trio of exhibitions based on Leigh on Sea here at the gallery.

The drinks reception of the final one is today, so I thought I would share some photos and some information about what's been going on.

The first exhibition was that of Malcolm Perry - a local artist, who's work has proved incredibly popular over the last year here at miss annabel dee*.  Perry's paintings are vibrant and fun.  

On the private view, Malcolm also was painting LIVE!  Although he didn't get much done as he was chatting with all the people who had come to admire his work!

Malcolm's work was also featured in the local paper advertising the three exhibitions:

The second exhibition was by Robin Goodier, another miss annabel dee* favourite - who is a headteacher and a painter in his spare time.  As you can see his style is totally different from Malcolm's.  It's incredibly refreshing to see the same subject matter painted in such different ways.

Last but not least is Paul Alcock.  Paul paints in 'plein air', which means he will sit outside on location painting - which I admire - especially in extreme weather.  I have a card of his from last year where he was sitting on the seafront in the snow, painting the palm trees!  That's what I call a dedicated artist!

I love Paul's work too, again it's the same subject matter and again so different from the other two artists.

(more pics to come)

Paul's exhibition runs until 21st November, so please come down and have a look for yourself.

Are you an artist?  Would you like to exhibit here at miss annabel dee*? We would
love to hear from you!  Send over some pictures of your work and we will go from there: