Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone*

Sorry I havent been on here much, Seasonal activities taking their toll!

Look out for new miss annabel dee* stuff in the coming year!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010 - Trending Magazine Report

A report on the East London Design Show by online trending magazine Stylus featuring my work!

Monday, 6 December 2010

East London Design Show.. What a roaring success!

Thanks to everyone who came to the East London Design Show over the weekend. What a great show that turned out to be!

The Limited Edition range 'Publand' was a huge success with all but two selling out!

Both brooch ranges, All Washed Up! and Whats Up Dollface also proved popular...

I'll soon be selling via my website so keep checking back with that. So, in the pipeline will be the Second Edition Publand collection, which will feature the same pubs, The Blind Beggar, Commercial Tavern, and The Golden Heart but all in various sizes.. (the limited editions were one pub in one size..) Look out for new illustrations of markets, streets and alleyways...

REMEMBER I DO PRIVATE COMMISSIONS, so if you have a particular place you wish to have featured, dont hesitate to contact me!

miss annabel dee* is on a roll..........

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Well, what a load of fuss about nothing!

By the time we'd made it out of Southend, the snow had.. well 'what snow' would be the correct phrase! I felt slightly daft as i clambered out of the car in me wellies - never mind!

Loverly old place, the Shoreditch Town Hall

Make sure you come to see my new ranges 'Publand' and 'East End Memories'. I'm on STAND 24 - DOWNSTAIRS

Heres the stand just as i arrived!

And here it is starting to take shape.....
You'll have to come and visit to see the finished product!

East London Design Show - SNOW JOKE!

Off to set up for the East London Design Show this morning, but as everyone knows the heavens have opened and a magical winter wonderland has descended upon us! Bets are on to how long the usual hour and half(ish) journey to London will take this morning!

Sneak Peek photos of the show to follow!(if i get there! hehe)

Wish me luck!!!