Wednesday, 28 April 2010

bread&butter publishing...

I've been featured on Calum Ross' of bread&butter publishing's blog - NICE ONE CALUM!

Whilst I'm here, also the book I am featured in '10 for 2010' has had an article written about it in Amelia's Magazine. Click here to read the full article..

Just a little tiny bit more about bread&butter publishing. Calum has written a book called "10 for 2010' which I am featured in alongside some more up and coming creative talent.

The book is ready for PRE-ORDER, click here to be taken to the bread&butter website to read more
(and to get your hands on a copy!)

Other artists featured are: (click on names for links)

Jonathan Ridge - Painter

Cherry Hurren - contemporary craft designer
Kiran Gobin - fashion designer
Rita Parniczky - textile designer
Michael Bronsan - photographer
Lindsay Grime - illustrator
Christopher King - audio/visual artist
Belgin Bozashin - sculptor
Momoko Tamura - jeweller

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

new yoik new yoik

Some snaps took roaming round the big apple... I liked it much more than London - praps one day ill de-camp there!.. just have to wait and see!...

Tectonic Plates Exhibition : NYC ii

I took some photos of the rest of the exhibition. It really was awesome! (haha obviously spent to long in the US, starting to use the lingo!). After speaking to Paul of the New English about the response to the exhibition - it seemed very promising! Some nice little snippets of info and leads - all which sounded brilliant if they all came off!.. Piers Wedgwood walked into the room just as I was leaving...

Surprisingly, as I was browsing the catalogue, I can across some designs by a fellow CSM Ceramic Design graduate - Julie Spurgeon! (she graduated the year before me!) I didnt even know she had anything to do with it! Unfortunately, I had already left the exhibition so I couldnt look at her designs in detail, but they weer very good designs, hand drawn bumblebees and flies..

Tectonic Plates Exhibition : NYC i

Tectonic Plates
[where art and
industry collide]
240+ plates
100+ artists
12 countries
1 big idea...... done!!!

Here's some images of my surface designs actually on the plates! They really did look fab!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

i need a man friday

is stuck, stranded in NY for the forseeable future...

10-14 days apparently... dear oh dear..

Sunday, 11 April 2010

New Yoik New Yoik

So, only two days to go til I'm in the Big Apple, which is gonna be wicked!

Still have no plan of action, apart from eat well, drink well, shop, sightsee and have fun with my mum, auntie and mums best friend!! It'll be like a random glamorous Sex and the City!!

But of course, the REAL reason we are going to New York is to see The New English exhibition at The New York Table Top Show at 41Madison - which just so happens to be featuring two of my surface designs (have i mentioned this before? hehe!?)

Ive produced a mini portfolio/leave behind to give to little boutiques in Greenwich Village etc etc I'm also going to take some of my Whats up Dollface brooches! eeek! everyone loves a freebie!...

Anyway.. heres some example pages from the portfolio... ill take some actual photos of the brochure when i get them

Had a NIGHTMARE..well not quite a nightmare, perhaps a bad dream... I went to pick up them at the arranged time (after 4pm on friday) to find that the machine had broken down!!!! eeeek! so now i have to go and pick them MONDAY before 12! eeeeeeeek! cutting it a bit fine no!?

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Tectonic Plates

The New English: Tectonic Plates project is based on a small selection of briefs to create some Illustrated plates for a exhibition and book run by Paul Bishop from a company called The New English. I decided to enter two designs.

The first was based on "Hello - the lost art of greeting"
I focused on the fact that Red telephone boxes around London are disappearing fast. It used to be “Good to Talk” as bob hoskins used to say, drawing inspiration from stereotypical London graffiti and housing, i created this beaut:

The second design : "Is the future already here?" sorta is based on the redevelopment of Old London town into high rise tower blocks of the future and the fact that 1984 Big Brother is always watching our every move. I also wanted to put in the fact that kids are growin' up way too quickly, arriving at their 'futures; way before they should...

You can see these designs and others @ New York TableTop Show - 41Madison, 13th-16th April