Monday, 28 November 2011

12 days of christmas LIMITED EDITION BAUBLES

Handmade ceramic baubles with red ribbon and bow detail.  Only 3 sets left! 12 for £60.
One set available to be sold separately.  Each bauble £8.
Totally worth it!

Handmade Christmas Shop!

Handmade, unique Christmas gifts & Decorations now available at miss annabel dee* Gallery & Studios:

153 Leigh Road
Leigh on Sea

A Selection of handmade Christmas decorations from £4.50. Multibuy deals available.. Watch out for the 12 days of Christmas Baubles..

SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OFFERS!! Limited edition ceramic vessels from £60!!! Quick! Limited time only!

 Handmade Jewellery from £6

Is That Plastic?
Butter Dishes - £26
Condiment Dish - £20
Egg Saucer - £10

A wider selection available in store, including ceramic notepads, tea sets and photography!


So, the first international exhibition to grace miss annabel dee* has been and gone - and what a success it was!

My friend and fellow ceramicist Alia Pialtos attended Central Saint Martins for a term.  It was here we met, and three years later, we decide to curate a small show over here in the UK.

8 graduates from the ceramic program at the University of Massachusetts exhibited small works at the gallery last week. It was a breath of fresh air to see what people my age who were studying ceramics were making across the pond

See the images below for a taster of the exhibition.

Monday, 14 November 2011



This is it! we are now officially open! THREE CHEERS HIPHIP.. HOORAY! After months and months of saying we'd be open next week we are finally up and trading!
The opening party was held last night, and if i dont mind saying so myself was a rip roaring success!  I have a few photos, but I had a professional team come along and film the night to make an advert promoting the gallery and they took photos as well.

Here we go.. a little bit about the gallery etc...

The gallery will be showcasing an example of Annabel's work which has been exhibited in places such as Sotheby's London as well as New York  and early next year at No. 10 Downing Street.  Annabel has had many a prestigious client commissioning her for a unique ceramic piece for their home or office.  Alongside Annabel there will be a permanent retail area which will sell prints, jewellery and homewares from other emerging and established artists.

Annabel an ex Southend High School student graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins 2 years ago before embarking on a long and hard renovation project of the shop along Leigh Road to change it into an art gallery and studio spaces for fellow like minded artists: "I couldn't believe the interest in the studio areas.  Obviously Leigh has a hidden army of creative people waiting to be exposed!  I hope the appearance of my gallery and others such as Studio 3 and the White Wall Space in Leigh and gallery 11 in Westcliff will encourage others to take a look at some art and get involved somehow.  Infact I cant believe the interest in the whole project, from day one we've had people putting their heads through the door asking to builders what's going on, and still i get people stopping and peering through the windows!"

The studios have a kiln available to rent for those who need access to one at very reasonable rates.  A glazing facility (compressor and glaze gun) is also available to use, and so it a small teaching space if anybody is interested in sharing their knowledge of a craft with others, Miss Annabel Dee* is able to accommodate 3 adults (5 children), again at very reasonable rates.

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Whilst clearing the very over grown garden and cutting down a rather large and unruly 'bush' the gardeners come back to me and asked me if I knew I had a two storey building at the back of the garden!

We were very suprised to say the least,  it was like the crooked house once they'd pulled all the vines away, all lopsided and looking very sorry for itself.  However it worked out in our favour, because it meant I could have a few more studio spaces, and these ones are self contained!

Here are some photos of the two story building before it got finished.  Well, its half way through. I didnt even think about taken photos in the beginning, scatterbrain!

I'm Potty for my new studio!!

A local newspaper article covering the opening of my gallery

I was quite lucky when it came to getting a piece in the local paper about the gallery finally opening.  You may remember I had a Pop-Up Shop in the same space a few months back during the Leigh Art Trail and the paper covered the story then.  Ever since the journalist, Hannah Marsh has been walking passed peeking in the windows to watch my progress..  So when I emailed her the details of the opening she was more than happy to oblige.

We had a lovely chat, she actually came to the gallery to talk to me which was really nice rather than a telephone interview and her being there, really gave her a feel for the place.

Grand Opening!

Its finally arrived! The grand opening of my gallery and studios! ta daaaaaaa!  This is predominantly the reason I havent been blogging for a while, I've had so much to do, I just havent had time to sit and write anything - which is a shame because I havent kept you all updated! boo!.. Well here it is in the next couple of posts, whats been happening.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Almost there...

I cant believe how long its been since my last post.. a whole 44 days ago!

I feel quite bad actually!  I started this blog when I was still at university and I vowed that I was going to put a new drawing up a day!  Well, that didnt happen that's for sure, but i think ive been pretty consistent adding stuff every now and then recording my progress and achievements, but 44 days! Sheesh!

What have I been doing?

To be honest, not much!  Just general life!  I got a job at the local Co-op! (wohoo) whilst I wait for the studios to be finished.  I've been a bit downhearted about it all really, thinking about chucking the clay covered towel in and just gettting myself a simple 9-5 with guaranteed money coming in each month, a pension and company car, but then I stumble upon an old sketchbook from a few years ago, and realise that ive got so many ideas still, so many things I want to try out and develop.  When I dont do any hands on clay for a while, i forget what I'm missing!  Cant wait to get into the studio and get cracking again!!

Below is a pic of the outside studio space taken roughly 1 month ago.  Seriously, you would not believe what it looks like now.  Its like a whole different back garden!  Hopefully ill get down there at some point and get some snaps of how it looks now.  I'm very excited!

Tuesday is the day that the builder, Barry, said it'll be clear to start showing people round to rent the spaces and also to start moving my stuff in from the other studio! EXCITING!

AND I promise to start blogging more again.  Its because I havent got a 'smartphone' with no proper internet!  I cant constantly check this site and facebook and twitter!... its a nightmare

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Artside 2011

This year I am lucky enough to be art of ARTSIDE - 1sy July 16th July.  Basically a Southend on Sea Art Trail, with artists working with venues along Southend High Street to produce artwork relevant to that particular place.  This year's theme is 'PAUSE':

"The title PAUSE reflects the site-specific nature of Artside, the exhibited work will be thought-provoking, a surprise or will simply encourage us to stop and view familiar places in new light. Artists will be working with the venues creating site-led work, either related to the type of business, to the individual stories of people working there or responding to the space itself."

My venue is The Railway Hotel, Scratton Road, just opposite Southend Central Railway Station.  Its a lovely pub owned by Hoxton Bar And Grill.  I look forward to speaking to the owners and producing ceramic vessels which captures the essence and the memories the Railway holds.

The pieces have to be installed by 1st July, so I am in the process of making some 'work in progress' vessels which I can place in the venue, perhaps on the piano, or behind the bar whilst i collect stories and ephemeral matter.

Below is a work in progress image:

Project for ARTSIDE 2011 | Southend-on-Sea |

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Central Saint Martins BA (Hons) Ceramic Design Degree show

What a great standard this years graduans have set!  Some really lovely work over at Southampton Row, at what is set to be the buildings last ever degree show before the university moves over to Kings Cross.

The work was really colourful and different and it was great to see everyone so enthusiastic and positive.  Just what I needed to keep me motivated and on track for the Grand opening of my gallery in August.

Spotted some potential pieces I would like to showcase and fingers crossed, we'll be able to come to a deal.
That was the whole point of the gallery really, to showcase up and coming emerging ceramic talent, as I didnt really know where to start once I'd left uni -  If it hadn't been for Janice Blackburn, and my exhibition at Sotheby's - I probably would still be wondering how to get into gallerys and find commissions!

Below are some select photos I took of the show, in no particular order:

Kane Sutton - "Scale Up"

Yixue Huang - "Corro Corro mugs corroding"

Elizabeth Cooper - "Once there, now gone"

Stephanie Turner - "You dont bring me Flowers"

Yuki Ouchi - "Mortus Creatura"

Sarah Comissiong - "Sweet fa Days"

Agnieszka Ewa Juszczyk - "1 in 4"

Manuela Becker - "Daydreams and Nightmares"

I also liked the work of Emily-Clare Thorn, who unfortunately I didnt take any snaps of, beautiful bubbly sweet inspired tableware - infact there were quite a few I seemed to have missed out on - Must have been the free wine! hehe.

You can catch the degree show from 20-23rd June 12-8pm at Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4AP and also at New Designers, Angel Islington from 29th June - 2nd July

Monday, 13 June 2011

Pop-Up Show!

So I did it!  I actually managed to get everything ready in time!  I was still at the gallery at 1am the previous morning before the opening, washing the windows with slightly tipsy people over at Tigerlilys as an audience. Thats a bar opposite by the way.

  I couldn't have done it without the help of the wonderful Danny!  He helped me with all the handy man duties, as when it comes to wood nails and screwdrivers, I draw a blank and all common sense goes through the window! So again, Thank you very much Dan for all your hard work.

I'd like to give the builders and the electrical and all the men that have been working on the gallery a big thumbs up! You've done such a good job - it doesnt look like the same place.  I wish i'd taken some more 'before' photos, but never mind, youll have to use your imagination.  The transformation of the space is amazing!  Before, it was one room with rotting floorboards & joists, anaglypta wallpaper, french doors boarded up, rotting window frames.. all the usual pre-renovation features or failures and now, well now its a lovely, modern & dare i say sophisticated space perfect for showing works of art.

The Pop-Up Exhibition went really really well.  

I had lots of positive feedback when I told people my ideas for the shop.  They were pleased it wasnt going to be another hairdressers or takeaway!  Alot of people thought thats what it was going to be - a chinese, beacause ive got a hatch in the wall!  It divides the shop from the working studio spaces and will provide a window for people to watch me working and for me to see out into the gallery/shop, see whats going on.

Below are a selection of photos I took just before I opened.

Exterior of the Gallery

Interior of the gallery

Recycled Glass Bowls - Debbie Hadley

Lovely exposed brick wall - Original Framed prints by East End Prints & Jenny Robins

All Washed Up! Brooches - Miss Annabel dee*

Material Pleasures - Julie Spurgeon

The Pop up Show has arrived!

Nautical Cupcakes

Wish You Were Here? - Miss Annabel Dee*

Friday, 3 June 2011


Recieved a lovely little package of limited edition prints from illustrator Jenny Robins.

These will be exhibited and sold at the up-coming pop up show... lets hope the shop is all finished in time!!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

POP UP SHOW curated by little ole' me!

Thats right, the gallery is well and truly on its way to being.. well half decent!!  As you all should know, I have a space in Leigh on Sea which I am turning into Studio & Gallery Space..

In the meantime whilst it's still being decorated, I'm holding a POP UP SHOW!!

Here is a mini press release I have written for the day:

An exciting new venture sees Annabel putting ceramics on hold to renovate an old shop along Leigh Road and turn the space into an artist led collective and gallery & studio space. "When I left university, I wanted to be exhibited in galleries, but they seemed to take too much commission unfortunately! I want to create a platform for emerging ceramicists & artists to showcase their work at a reasonable rate. I also wanted a studio space where ceramicists and other artists could work together, inspire and help other, just like we did at university"

"Miss Annabel Dee* presents..." is a Pop Up art exhibitions run alongside the Leigh Art Trail 11th-19th June. The show consists of up & coming artists of the area as a sneak peek of what the future holds for this Leigh Road Gallery.

Julie Spurgeon, also a fellow Leigh dweller and Central Saint Martins graduate will be showcasing her Material Pleasure fine bone china tea set, which is currently in an exhibition in Fortnum & Masons, alongside Annabel’s unique cylindrical vessels. East End Prints, the number one preferred supplier of quirky, graphic prints have some of their artists work on display also.

The Leigh Road gallery will be holding an Opening Party on Saturday 11th June from 10am onwards.

If you havent read that, confirmed artists are:
* Myself
* Julie Spurgeon
* Jenny Robins
* East End Prints
* Heidi Wigmore
Come down and spend a day by the seaside, and look at some art whilst you're at it!

Monday, 16 May 2011

On the look out.. POP UP SHOW

I'm on the look out for submissions for a SATELLITE EVENT which will be held alongside the LEIGH ART TRAIL 11th - 19th June 2011.

I'm organising a POP-UP SHOW in a space in Leigh Road.  You work will be exhibited alongside local ceramicists & artists for the week.  It will provide you exposure within the local and hopefully further afield community.  I'm after predominately ceramics, but other mediums will DEF be considered - perhaps you have some work on a seaside theme? Are you an illustrator?  painter? sculptor? Again, dont worry if not, all works will be considered!!

Please send images of proposed works to

Obviously the show is 11th-19th June, so hurry and get your images in...

*If you're not chosen for this particular pop-up event, please dont fret, the space is going to be converted into a gallery space for showcasing up & coming alongside established artists!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

MoMac Pop Up Exhibition - ON NOW!

A few days ago I found out that 5, yes 5 of my vessels had been selected by gallerist Roberta Moore to be part of the 2 day pop up exhibition she is curating.

The Big Beat Club - one of the vessels selected

Roberta specializes in showcasing emerging and established British and International artists.
The artists exhibiting in the show include Paul Robinson (who has exhibited extensively in New York, Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong and has collectors that include Sydney Pollack, Renee Zellweger and Jason Priestley), Stuart Semple (who has shown in a string of international exhibitions and Biennales and is collected by celebrities such as Debbie Harry and Sienna Miller) and Roni Stretch (whose work is held in numerous public collections in the US and Europe as well as private collections worldwide).
Artwork for 'On the Door', another selected vessel

Artists from Debut Contemporary that have been selected by Roberta to be part of the exhibition are Tahnee Lonsdale, Patrick ColhounChantal Powell and myself.
(with thanks to Chantal Powell for words as I copied this off of her blog, go check it out :) )

Charity Auction at DEBUT Contemporary

Yesterday evening saw a Charity Auction take place at Debut Contemporary, the gallery at which I am currently being represented.

There was a good turn out! My piece in the auction was purchased by an important collector!  Below are some snaps from the night courtesy of Peter Barsony.  Check out the full gallery here

Ceramic Plate - The Future's Bright

Tinsel and Twinke