Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Some more images

Just spent ages updating my facebook images, so here's the link, to have a look at some of the sketchbook stuff ive got...

its literally just the stuff ive got on the computer... i have books and books full of sketchbook work..
maybe oneday ill scan some more in!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

gettin back into the swing of things..

just coupla little things ive just been working on, trying to get back into the creative swing of things!

"Nancy told the boy "ive been wishing i had someone to play with.."


Monday, 29 March 2010

impromtu visit

My best friend and fellow ceramicist Kayley paid me an impromptu visit over the weekend,

Just what I needed following recent events..

Its the first time she's seen my studio, and as you can see, we were very productive - as usual!

And then spent the night dancing my troubles away, even though she had to be on a train at 8.30am to get into work the next morning!

True friend!! Thanks Kayley!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

potholes gardens

Hehe, these made me smile what with seeing SO much on the news every morning about how bad the roads are at the moment!

Wonder if Southend borough council would go for this option?!

Nice idea though!

polaroid prints

Came across these lovely silk scarves on one of my favourite blogs. They are by a guy called Philippe Roucou, just love the subject matter of the photos!

Thats the thing with polaroids, you can take the most mundane photograph of like, a b
ed (as above) and it still look incredibly intriguing!

I have a slight strange obsession with polaroids at the moment, I want to try out some polaroid transfers onto the clay surface.. but i cant seem to find any polaroid cameras or film that does the job!! I think we've got an old polaroid camera knocking around somewhere, so at least I can attempt it with that once i buy some films.

Just love the effect polaroids have! Think they would suit my work perfectly!
Best get polaroid camera hunting!

Monday, 22 March 2010

studio productive-ness..

Spent 6 hours in the studio today making moulds in preparation for my 'Whats Up Dollface' collection and also my next cylindrical vessel collection about childhood!

LOVED IT! forgot how much i like getting my hands dirty and actually MAKING things! Though Ive got a bit of a back ache from hunchin' over a bit too much..

But all in all a productive day - if interspersed with stints on PhotoBooth... aah i do love that programme! i could sit on it all day playing with the effects... Anyway. 11 moulds were made! PHEW, cant wait to put them to good use...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Next Exhibition - The New English

The New English Gallery
Lea House, Station Road, Stoke on Trent, ST12 9DA

nearest station Barlaston -
here for map
Directions from SOUTH (Stafford)
Directions from NORTH (Manchester)
Directions from Stoke on Trent

and then


The New York Table Top Shop Show

The corner of 26th Street and Madison Avenue from Madison Square Park.

13th - 19th April 2010

Exciting huh!...

Please try and make it, I have two surface designs being showcased at these events. I will put more info on here once the shows have opened. (I'll actually show you the designs!)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

*quick update

aaaah, havent really had time to update my blog unfortuantly or go to the sudio muchh, as I have been so busy at my 9-5 job at Garda trying to earn money to make my ceramics work! hehe..

But never fear, I'm still here, and still raring to go:

* Ive been scouring ETSY for dolls heads/faces for my new jewellery collection 'Whats up Dollface' and also my new vessel collection - Untitled at the moment, but regarding children growing up too quickly...yes they are kinda FREAKY in this form, but once I have worked my magic on them... you'll see!!

* I'm awaiting confirmation and publication on the George Bamford exhibition/book, which should be finished in a couple of months..

*GREAT NEWS - A few months back I was approached by Paul Bishop of The New English collaborative at the Central Saint Martins stand at New Designers. He was interested in my work and wanted me to enter a, not a competition, but to submit some designs for a project he was managing 'TECTONIC PLATES'. I entered straight away in June-ish and havent really heard anything since... UNTIL NOW!
The compnay has manufactured almost all the plates and they look wonderful apparently, and will make a brilliant exhibition. Which leads me to...
It seems that the exhibition/trade show in New York! NEW YORK!! (brilliant!!) Starting 13th April at 41 Madison wow! Cannot believe it. I just hope I havent got my wires crossed!
There is also an exhibition in Stoke on Trent 27th March
* Met an old friend whilst out in Leigh on Sea last night. He owns a little interiors boutique along Leigh Road and we were discussing possibilities of my work being stocked there / producing new work just for the shop!
All exciting stuff.. watch this space!.. well continue watching it!