Friday, 28 August 2009

Tiny Tycoons - ES Magazine 28th Aug 09

So, I'm in the press. - a FOUR PAGE spread! - okay, not JUST on me, but hey! Read the full article here .... there i am in orange -
Looking a tad grumpy in the group shot (my train did make me 3 hours late for the shoot...there was a fire on the lines on the train into London, and everyone was transfered from one train to another - we actually had to climb down onto the tracks! nightmare... But I digress..)

They've taken a year off my age - but hey! who's counting!

This is my second feature in the press, so fingers crossed it will bring in more commissions!
And to be described as 'The next Grayson Perry' - WOW!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

New Designers Part I - Business Design Centre, Islington

Forgot about this one.

This show was just after the degree show in June at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

Its the show where all the new graduates go to show off their 'New Designer-ness'!

My work at New Designers


Everyone's work looked so good! we should have won the Best Stand in Show - ours was the only one who used colour!

so, finally updated my blog! So here's a little update of what I've been up to since I graduated:

*Looking for studio space:

After looking round at studios in London, I realised that I don't really want to have to commute just to do a bit of clay work.. AND it seems all the ceramic ones have been snapped up anyway :(
I found a good space in Southend, called CoExist but unfortunately all the spaces have been taken, even though they have only just opened. But I've been put on the waiting list, so fingers crossed. As good as it is, I don't want to be working from home forever!

*Working at Hazles Pottery Barn

Because of the success at Sotheby's I sold some of my favourite pieces, so having half made (bisque fired) some cylinders at uni before I left I wanted to re-make a couple.
Luckily I was reccommended Barleylands Craft Village in Billericay which is the home to Hazle's Pottery Barn.
They were lovely there, and I would highly reccommend going there for the day if you're interested in having a go at pottery!

"Earlham Grove 2nd Edition" (Glaze, Decals, Lustre-d @ Hazles Pottery Barn)

small show HUGE TALENT

Blimey, I didn't think this'd happen:

Janice Blackburn came and looked around the degree show, before we had even opened and wanted to put my collection into her next show at SOTHEBYS!


Of course I said YES!

The show went really well, with lots of interest and sales! Ive managed to secure some commissions for the future, so watch this space!

Here are some images of the show:

I had a really good space. It was right in a corridor which got alot of footfall, therefore quite a bit of attention!
I also had alot of wall space to hang artwork and photographs relating to the vessels. (as you can see in the photos)


the chewing gum floors - DEGREE SHOW COLLECTION

Finally graduated!

So, this is what my degree show collection is about:

“So back in time I go
Through the saloon bar doors
Onto the chewing gum floors
Where only childhood knows” Matt Johnson – The The – Pillar Box Red
I feel comforted by the smell of a pub during the day, the slightly stale smell of smoke upon clothes. It reminds me of my Dad coming home at 8 o’clock on Sunday mornings from working at his nightclub and pub.

Throughout my childhood I was always told about the fun and games my parents had whilst growing up in the East End of London, the pubs and clubs they frequented and owned, the dances they went to and the tricks they played, the fights people got into. It always seemed so glamorous, yet comical - sometimes unbelievable. I want to be able to keep these memories alive.

My inspiration lies in my past. Nowadays it seems that things are becoming increasingly redeveloped and modernised, especially London on account of the Olympics - so it is more important than ever to remember our heritage and our background. We are beginning to forget our ‘roots’ and our own personal histories and forget that it is these that shaped the world in which we live in today.

By embarking on a personal nostalgic journey, I uncover memories previously forgotten. By using family to guide me through their memories of their lives owning pubs and clubs in the East End of London I have created unique yet thought provoking items, which will help others remember the areas, places and people which are now long gone.

Using a mixture of hand drawn and computer generated illustrations, along with surface relief and my ‘own recipe’ glazes, slipcast cylinders provide an interesting combination of graphics and ceramic qualities which record the quirky ephemeral stories on a vessel which will last the test of time once memories are perhaps forgotten.

Below is a selection of the collection:

"Mummy Weren't Daft" - Slipcast white earthenware - 36x17cm - £350

"Banana King" - Slipcast white earthenware with platinum lustre detail - 26.5x22cm - £325


My first ever press item!


Country and Town House Magazine, April 09

"One to Watch" in the design section! for my tile 'Southend Seafront" - WICKED!!

Avenues and Alleyways

"January by the Sea" - top tile 12x15 cm - bottom tile 20x25cm - white earthenware tile, surface relief and decal detail

So, Avenues and Alleyways is a guerrilla project. The idea was to find inspiration from an area by embarking on psychogeographical (wandering with no particular destination or route in mind) journeys around London and Southend.

I took photos of things that took my interest and of things that you perhaps wouldn't otherwise notice, for example windows, rooftops, television ariels, flag poles, architectural details.

"Clifftown Parade" - 3 tile x 12cmx15cm - white earthenware with decal

I'd then manipulate these images, and using illustration, id make a visually pleasing image, mixed with surface relief to make a surface design for the tiles. (handmade by myself of course)

The tiles were then placed BACK into the area from which inspiration was drawn - clever huh?

"Southend Seafront" - 12cmx15cm - white earthenware with decal

"To be on the street where you live" 20x25cm

"Corner Shop" - 12x15cm

There are more in the collection - Images of tiles and their locations will be added as soon as possible....

Moulding New Beauty

By chance and trial and error I managed to make some low firing glazes (1060/cone 04).

They have a wonderful matte, silky and almost crystaline quality. You just have to run your fingers over them!

However the glazes are quite unstable and runny, so each result is different, depending on surface - which could be a good thing I suppose. (I first tested the glazes on the inside of a bowl, and as you can see from the images, it has run down the sides and pooled, causing beautiful crystals)

It's so exciting waiting to see what's gonna come out the kiln this time.

There are two main colours - pink and bluey/green. I have called these 'Rusted Decadence and Cobalt Crumble'

Some macro shots of my glazes:

Cobalt Crumble.

You can really see the crystals in the image above

See how the glaze has started to run and crackle

Rusted Decadence.

There are two variations of this glaze, the second one has more Red Iron Oxide, making the pooling crystals a deeper reddy brown.