Saturday, 20 February 2010

not sure i should like this but it do...

Its really quite disgusting but i really like the work of Magnus Muhr.
Extracted from The Daily Mail's website (to view full article click HERE)
"The photographer collects insect carcasses from windows and lamps around his house then gives them a new lease of life in his fly circus with a few strokes of his pen"
Its just a simple idea, and it works so so well!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I seem to be attending quite a few social gatherings at the moment!

Last week was Kayleys boofday, where I saw the uni girls for the first time in what, say 6 months!! AND the first time ive seen Claire for yonks!... she went out to the US of A for a few months... was a wickeeed good night though, even thought it was a sad occasion as well - Chrissie's going away for a year!!! AND the uni lot left for the last train home! LEIGHTWEIGHTS!

oh. What is it about bars that people thing they can just push past you, or elbow you or stumble back into you... grrr... really got my goat on this occassion, dunno why - but i got my elbows
out to the ready and got stuck in! jostle* was the word of the evening! haha!


One of my best friends Chrissie (girl in white to the right of me) has packed up and gone to Swaziland today to teach ceramics and such for a year! Will miss you Chris, but she makes a great teacher.... she'll have GREAT fun, i know it!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


i forgot how much i LOVE playing with type!

here is a piece i did... oooh say 4 years ago, on my foundation course at Ravensbourne.

The image and the text were supposed to be displayed together, but i think that they work on their own better?....

what dya think?
This is another one, which went with another image, but as i said before - i think looks better like this!


found this old photograph someone took of me a while ago just messin around like.....retouched it a bit, made it slightly sepia rather than vivid colour. Think it works quite well! kinda old hollywood-ish?

I raided my mums wardrobe and found this lovely dress she had made! black taffeta i think youd call it, and when you turned it the other way it'd shine red! with BIIIIIG pom pom shoulders!

the young and the LOST

Had a really crackin' coupla weekends, with my group of friends:

the young and the LOST!

hahaha bunch of saddos! but MY bunch of saddos!

Ruby's Tattoo...

My friend Ruby (Killah Beats - check it out..) was always telling me about her Cup of Tea tattoo on her foot, but she never wanted to show me... but HURRAH!!

She whacked it out this weekend! Its great isnt it! Who would have thought to have a cup of tea on their foot!? hehe!

Now THATS a tattoo my mum'd like!...

want one of these!


I love old books, and i love my mac... what else could i want!! hahah genuis*

(found on the Oh Joy! blog! - Thanks!)

love this...

Ive recently rediscovered a blog i LOVE to look at when im feelin a lil blue or uninspired... its called Oh Joy!

just a screen grab from the site.

The images on here are so beautiful, they literally make me so jealous that i want to claim every single idea, design, or drawing as my own! Spurs me on as well i suppose! makes me want to draw more, thats for sure... for example: looks good to me blog

BEAUTIFUL* - love it love it love it!

Textile designer-cum-Illustrator Caroline, makes me want to get outta bed and start drawing again! and crack open that box of water colours ive been meaning to use! Ive always loved this style.

Perhaps watch this space... see what emerges...

workin' 9 - 5 what a way to make a livin'

So ive gone and got myself a 'proper job' working in an office - albeit its a creative office - Garda Design, Billericay - They're great there!

Here's their website, but its being updated as we speak (infact ive been having a little dabble in designing it!..). INFACT Garda is going through a whole re-brand, which is great, because I get to see what goes into changing all the logos, letter heads, marketing materials etc...
Thats my seat there... the lovely empty one, nearest the left!

I've been up to London to meet a client UK P&I Club, which is part of Thomas Miller - a big shipping insurance firm in Fenchurch Street. Ha! I felt really grown up - 'A client meeting in London'. Basically they just had to proof read and sign off some pages of the rule book we've had printed, and actually today I spent most of the afternoon cutting up the 'Dummy'... (to make sure the pages collated)

As much as im enjoying it - its really taking it out of me! After 6 months idly popping into the studio when I wanted, i now have a 7am wake up! phew! catch a train by 8.26... be in work by 9 have to work all day til 5.30, then get the train, home by 6.30! eeeeek! and then its bedtime!! hahaha 'that's life ey!'

ah leave me alone - ive been in education since i was... what 4?! this is the first time in 20 years I haven't been allowed to go home at 3.30! its tough man! heheh

To be honest, its what i need. It wasnt that I was getting bored of ceramics, I was just feeling a little 'uncreative' or stuck in a rut so to speak. This'd usually happen over the summer holidays, but then I'd get back into the swing of things at Uni and i'd be fine! Its probably because i havent really got the time to do things i WANT to do em now!? hehe.. especially get those 'Whats up Dollface?" brooches out there!

just a quick reminder there for you!

AH well.... lets see how it goes, The guys at the office are great! I'm getting along well with them, banter has started already!

I'm really excited about the job and it's prospects so..

fingers crossed*

ooooh im getting my own email address soon too! its one of the things ive been most looking forward to! Ive been having to use an old employee's account. Ive been sending emails as 'Ian'! ha!

Jotta: A collection of articles written by Calum Ross

How cool is this!? Calum Ross (a colleague and friend who attended Immersion with me) has published a book containing his articles he wrote for the website

It just so happens that Calum wrote an article about may remember it? Refresh your memory here...

Anyway, its looking really good! Read more here. on Calum's blog