Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Immersion 2010

Some promotional material for the business course I have just completed.

I'm featured on the second page praising it up! whoop whoop!
"Immersion made me realise that there are others in the same boat as me, starting up who share my fears and concerns!  Immersion has provided the essential support, networks and the confidence for me to succeed"

Also, here is a little snap of me receiving the certificate! wahoo!!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Jaime Antonio Leme Jr

A fellow Immersionite (the business course I'm currently attending) has kindly offered to take photos of the group, as a kind of keep-sake I suppose.
I think we were all a bit wary at first as we were told we needed to bring in a prop... but an article has just been posted on jotta (click to read), and I'm now very much looking forward to participating in this shoot!

I couldnt choose what image I liked best, so I just had to put 'em all up!

His work reminds me of David LaChapelle, one of my, well idols! - EXCITED!

thirst* photos

Just some quick snaps from my phone (sorry about the dodgy quality..) from thirst*

This is the first time my work has been displayed under glass, which feel quite odd for me, as I want people to be able to get close and really look at the imagery and feel the surface textures. Ah well, it makes it all the more 'grown up' and museum-y and archive-y - Its all very exciting!

It just so happened, that most of the people exhibiting came from CSM this year - good year for us apparently!

Some really interesting stuff there, I didnt actually take any photos, but i particularly liked Elisa Strozyk's Wooden Textiles. I am fascinated by them, they look so tactile and lovely! (image from Eliza's CSM Showtime website)

Thursday, 12 November 2009

EXCLUSIVE stockist..

New Exclusive Stockist of 'the chewing gum floors'...

Lesley Davy Gallery
53 columbia road
London E2 7RG

Saturday 2pm -5pm
Sunday 10am - 3.30pm

The Gallery is situated right in Columbia Road Flower Market, So head on down there on a Sunday, and enjoy! (and buy my work! hehe)

NEXT EXHIBITION: Beldam gallery, Brunel University

Brunel University
Wilfred Brown Building
Kingston Lane
Hope you can make it!
(any other info you need - just contact me!)

TAP: As the Crows Fly Show

Unfortunately, this show has finished now...
but here are some of the images of the great works featured! (as i've only just got round to it - sorry!)
I think I mentioned before I was showing here. It was an exhibition featuring the work of the artists in my studios - at SYNCHRO STUDIOS (no website as yet im afraid..). There is quite a wide range of artists and different work, although there is only 12 of us!
The venue was great - the old water works in Southend on Sea. The building has been changed into a gallery and artists studios by CoExist.
Anyway, here's some images from the Private view (just before we opened):

PRESS:Ceramics at Art School 09

A complete surprise for me this one. Was in uni visiting the now third years and one said to me 'hey you're famous - you're in Ceramic Review'

So naturally I rushed down to the library and lo and behold, there I was! I'd completely forgotten I'd sent away any images, it was so long ago - degree show time. I suppose I assumed they'd already published the feature...

There's some good work featured, I'm off out to try and buy a copy (dont really think anywhere in Southend stocks CR.. so it may have to wait til next trip into the big smoke..) but until then, here's the hastily scanned images:

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

George Bamford

A few weeks ago a lady called me and said she was calling on behalf of top UK photographer George Bamford and he'd like to photograph me for a project he was currently working on.

I went to the shoot yesterday, and he was great. Wasn't anything like I expected - He was young and trendy and reallly nice! Haha, that sounds bad, like I was expecting him to be awful..but thats not what I meant.
He was really nice to talk to, really put me at ease and his studios (The IRIS Studios) were great! Turns out he studied at the American version of Central Saint Martins - Parsons?

I'm not going to say anymore, because I'm not sure if I am allowed to...


PRESS: jotta online magazine

Fellow blogger, graphic designer and colleague on the course I am currently on - Calum Ross, interviewed me for the 'One to Watch' section on the online magazine jotta!

Hurrah! more press - the only way is up! and look - There is an article on Grayson Perry to the left of mine!

To read the full article click HERE


I know it's not really work related, but I guess its 'life related'...I've just celebrated my birthday with a Zombie Crawl on halloween around my home town of Southend on Sea!

Our make up and 'styling' so to speak, I thought was amazing, so I just wanted to show a few of the pictures off!

They were taken by my good friend Paul Gardner, who is a fab photographer (and helped me take the current photographs of my work) He also works at Bar 29, Southend on Sea as the promotions manager, hence him taking the horrific zombie photos! (check out both the Bar's and Paul's websites!)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I exhibited at the Islington Contemporary Art & Design fair over the weekend!

Luckily, I was next to my good friend and fellow Central Saint Martins ceramic graduate Ruth Babajide (trading as MERBI - check out her work HERE - its amazing!), so it wasn't so terrible or as lonely as I thought it might be!

This was my first 'proper' trade show, so it was really scary - and an eye opener actually, of how much work and preparation actually goes into these things - you cant just bowl up and expect people to buy your work - (which is slightly annoying! hehe).

It made me realise I need a smaller 'diffusion range' so to speak... so watch out for mugs, jewellery, tiles etc... as people who walk in off of the street want to come away with things..

Friday, 9 October 2009

studio stuff and first glazed pieces...

So, ive finally started producing stuff in my studio!!

Its been a massive long slog of trial and error, with lots of spillages, noise and tears!!! But im finally egtting somewhere - slowly but surely. (i just have to keep the noise down!!!)

The first glazed pieces DIDNT EXPLODE - Hurrah!

Although the 'Rusted Decadence' glaze isnt coming out the way it did at uni, which is a shame. I'll have to look into the firing ramps. see whats going on!

Just a quick snap of the studio as is now:

Monday, 14 September 2009


website finally UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

jot it down for future references.

You'll be able to view and buy my work from here, as well as see some of my 2D work which begins the process of designing a piece.

Next show - Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair

All very exciting - this is my first solo fair!

The Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair 2009

Date: 23rd - 25th October
Address: Candid Galleries, Torrens Street, Angel Islington, EC1V 1NQ

click here for more information

I'll be showing 'the chewing gum floor' collection, and also a couple of new piecs. Work will be for sale, but as ever, commissions are ALWAYS WELCOME!

New Studio

Really happy to have found a great studio space in Southend, well Leigh-on-Sea at Synchro Studios! Some really nice people with great artwork there, not met everyone yet, but im sure they are lovely too!

just a quick snap of the studio just as I moved in, great space, lots of room!

I just knew there must be an underground art scene!

Kiln has been delivered and set up, although having a few problems with the wiring, but touch wood... thats getting sorted tonight!

SCARY! - its alot bigger than i thought! Will have to re-think the studio floor plan!!

Friday, 28 August 2009

Tiny Tycoons - ES Magazine 28th Aug 09

So, I'm in the press. - a FOUR PAGE spread! - okay, not JUST on me, but hey! Read the full article here .... there i am in orange -
Looking a tad grumpy in the group shot (my train did make me 3 hours late for the shoot...there was a fire on the lines on the train into London, and everyone was transfered from one train to another - we actually had to climb down onto the tracks! nightmare... But I digress..)

They've taken a year off my age - but hey! who's counting!

This is my second feature in the press, so fingers crossed it will bring in more commissions!
And to be described as 'The next Grayson Perry' - WOW!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

New Designers Part I - Business Design Centre, Islington

Forgot about this one.

This show was just after the degree show in June at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

Its the show where all the new graduates go to show off their 'New Designer-ness'!

My work at New Designers


Everyone's work looked so good! we should have won the Best Stand in Show - ours was the only one who used colour!

so, finally updated my blog! So here's a little update of what I've been up to since I graduated:

*Looking for studio space:

After looking round at studios in London, I realised that I don't really want to have to commute just to do a bit of clay work.. AND it seems all the ceramic ones have been snapped up anyway :(
I found a good space in Southend, called CoExist but unfortunately all the spaces have been taken, even though they have only just opened. But I've been put on the waiting list, so fingers crossed. As good as it is, I don't want to be working from home forever!

*Working at Hazles Pottery Barn

Because of the success at Sotheby's I sold some of my favourite pieces, so having half made (bisque fired) some cylinders at uni before I left I wanted to re-make a couple.
Luckily I was reccommended Barleylands Craft Village in Billericay which is the home to Hazle's Pottery Barn.
They were lovely there, and I would highly reccommend going there for the day if you're interested in having a go at pottery!

"Earlham Grove 2nd Edition" (Glaze, Decals, Lustre-d @ Hazles Pottery Barn)

small show HUGE TALENT

Blimey, I didn't think this'd happen:

Janice Blackburn came and looked around the degree show, before we had even opened and wanted to put my collection into her next show at SOTHEBYS!


Of course I said YES!

The show went really well, with lots of interest and sales! Ive managed to secure some commissions for the future, so watch this space!

Here are some images of the show:

I had a really good space. It was right in a corridor which got alot of footfall, therefore quite a bit of attention!
I also had alot of wall space to hang artwork and photographs relating to the vessels. (as you can see in the photos)


the chewing gum floors - DEGREE SHOW COLLECTION

Finally graduated!

So, this is what my degree show collection is about:

“So back in time I go
Through the saloon bar doors
Onto the chewing gum floors
Where only childhood knows” Matt Johnson – The The – Pillar Box Red
I feel comforted by the smell of a pub during the day, the slightly stale smell of smoke upon clothes. It reminds me of my Dad coming home at 8 o’clock on Sunday mornings from working at his nightclub and pub.

Throughout my childhood I was always told about the fun and games my parents had whilst growing up in the East End of London, the pubs and clubs they frequented and owned, the dances they went to and the tricks they played, the fights people got into. It always seemed so glamorous, yet comical - sometimes unbelievable. I want to be able to keep these memories alive.

My inspiration lies in my past. Nowadays it seems that things are becoming increasingly redeveloped and modernised, especially London on account of the Olympics - so it is more important than ever to remember our heritage and our background. We are beginning to forget our ‘roots’ and our own personal histories and forget that it is these that shaped the world in which we live in today.

By embarking on a personal nostalgic journey, I uncover memories previously forgotten. By using family to guide me through their memories of their lives owning pubs and clubs in the East End of London I have created unique yet thought provoking items, which will help others remember the areas, places and people which are now long gone.

Using a mixture of hand drawn and computer generated illustrations, along with surface relief and my ‘own recipe’ glazes, slipcast cylinders provide an interesting combination of graphics and ceramic qualities which record the quirky ephemeral stories on a vessel which will last the test of time once memories are perhaps forgotten.

Below is a selection of the collection:

"Mummy Weren't Daft" - Slipcast white earthenware - 36x17cm - £350

"Banana King" - Slipcast white earthenware with platinum lustre detail - 26.5x22cm - £325