Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I seem to be attending quite a few social gatherings at the moment!

Last week was Kayleys boofday, where I saw the uni girls for the first time in what, say 6 months!! AND the first time ive seen Claire for yonks!... she went out to the US of A for a few months... was a wickeeed good night though, even thought it was a sad occasion as well - Chrissie's going away for a year!!! AND the uni lot left for the last train home! LEIGHTWEIGHTS!

oh. What is it about bars that people thing they can just push past you, or elbow you or stumble back into you... grrr... really got my goat on this occassion, dunno why - but i got my elbows
out to the ready and got stuck in! jostle* was the word of the evening! haha!

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