Saturday, 13 March 2010

*quick update

aaaah, havent really had time to update my blog unfortuantly or go to the sudio muchh, as I have been so busy at my 9-5 job at Garda trying to earn money to make my ceramics work! hehe..

But never fear, I'm still here, and still raring to go:

* Ive been scouring ETSY for dolls heads/faces for my new jewellery collection 'Whats up Dollface' and also my new vessel collection - Untitled at the moment, but regarding children growing up too quickly...yes they are kinda FREAKY in this form, but once I have worked my magic on them... you'll see!!

* I'm awaiting confirmation and publication on the George Bamford exhibition/book, which should be finished in a couple of months..

*GREAT NEWS - A few months back I was approached by Paul Bishop of The New English collaborative at the Central Saint Martins stand at New Designers. He was interested in my work and wanted me to enter a, not a competition, but to submit some designs for a project he was managing 'TECTONIC PLATES'. I entered straight away in June-ish and havent really heard anything since... UNTIL NOW!
The compnay has manufactured almost all the plates and they look wonderful apparently, and will make a brilliant exhibition. Which leads me to...
It seems that the exhibition/trade show in New York! NEW YORK!! (brilliant!!) Starting 13th April at 41 Madison wow! Cannot believe it. I just hope I havent got my wires crossed!
There is also an exhibition in Stoke on Trent 27th March
* Met an old friend whilst out in Leigh on Sea last night. He owns a little interiors boutique along Leigh Road and we were discussing possibilities of my work being stocked there / producing new work just for the shop!
All exciting stuff.. watch this space!.. well continue watching it!

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