Sunday, 20 May 2012


Ive gone and jumped on the bandwagon and decided to make some Diamond Jubilee commemorative pieces!

Drum Roll Please....

"Gawd Bless you Ma'am" All three sizes

The collection is called "Gawd Bless you Ma'am" and are limited edition made to order ceramic vessels -(they will take roughly 2-3weeks).  There are three sizes available small 17cm - £60, medium 24cm £80 and large 34cm £100.  I know the Jubilee is only 2 weeks away, but I will be selling these throughout the year! to celebrate 60 glorious years of our good Queen Liz!

Large "Gawd Bless you Ma'am"

"Gawd Bless you Ma'am" Detail

Really liked making these actually.  It was nice to play around with royal images like the soldier and corgis mixed with british symbols such as the bulldog!  I wanted to keep it tongue in cheek and in my 'style', I wanted something that was a commemorative item, but also it doesnt look tacky or cheap, also without the queens actual image plastered all over it, these vessels would look great in the home anytime of year!

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