Monday, 8 October 2012

Terry Sibson's Exhibition - Private View

What a lovely busy evening this was! Thanks everyone for coming!

By 4.25pm (we opened at 4pm) we were packed to the gunnels!  Terry's work obviously proved popular with the masses!

Here is a little bit of background info on the artist, Terry... as well as some images from the drinks reception!!

Terry Sibson is Southend born and bred.

She trained to be a teacher back in the distant past & for last 20 years has worked as a special needs coordinator.

Terry started painting 15 years ago when attending classes led by talented local painter and tutor Reg Smith -mainly as company for youngest daughter who was just embarking on a level art. Daughter stopped painting as soon as a- levels finished but Terry has been painting ever since.

Started painting journey working in oils but has recently discovered the many and varied benefits of working in acrylics. This medium suits her style which is to paint boldly and quickly ,without unnecessary detail ,yet allowing layers of colour to show through.
Subject matter is very eclectic and varies from holiday destinations, local scenes, interiors (particularly fond of cafes) to ,lately, a rather impressionist look at cows, sheep and ducks.
She has exhibited and sold works at the Beecroft Art Gallery, art fairs, cafes and other venues around Southend and the local area.

She has been constantly grateful for the wealth of guidance and support from local Leigh artist Peter Smith who she has painted with weekly for the last decade and who has been a real influence on her painting.

Amazing cakes, made by Terry and her Mum! Nom Nom Nom

You can see an example of Terry's work here :

The exhibition runs until Saturday 13th October.
During the exhibition, gallery will be open 11-5pm Monday - Saturday (closed Wednesdays, cos I work at Job number 2 then!)


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