Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Visit to The Hive Studios

On Friday morning I visited The Hive Studios in Chelmsford for a cup of tea and a natter with the artists. 

It's something I've been meaning to do for quite a while - Kymberly of Fitzygogo! (who had a pop up shop last year at my gallery and makes t-shirts and prints adorned with vintage comic book style faces) had invited me, but we both were so busy we could never put a date in the diary.

Unfortunately the leading lady Karen (who set up the studios) was unable to be there, but Kymberly, Tracey, Kitty, Janie, Jill & Cherry (essex girl speaks) were all there to welcome me with a warm cuppa and a biscuit or two!  Check out their website giving a bit more info about themselves here.

We had a lovely chat, catching up with what all of us were doing and also gave each other advice of where we could take our artworks and products next - fairs, markets, exhibitions etc

Here is a peek at Kymberly's studio space:

Below is Kitty's space.  I just loved Kitty's illustrations, I loved the colours and the compositions!  I told her that some of her subject matter and her style was very quirky and would work really well in East London at the markets and art fairs there.  I'd also love to see some of her designs on greeting cards!

An overall shot of the studio:

I love how all the artists are together and not separated.  It must mean they can bounce creative ideas off of each other - it had a real nice feeling.

A cheeky little sign hanging in the bathroom!  As found by Kymberly in a vintage magazine!

I also took a look at a look at Janie's studio - just across the way from The Hive.  She works in there with her partner.  This is one of Janie's pieces that I found interesting.  It reminded me of speech bubbles!

Overall, I had a really nice time at The Hive and something a little bit wonderful has arisen from my visit.  Next year, The Hive Artists will be exhibiting here at miss annabel dee* gallery & studios!  Hurrah!  It will be really nice to showcase their work.

Watch This Space!*

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