Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sad day for Ravensbourne..

Well, Ive just seen a photograph of my old college - Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication - where I studied for a year working towards my Diploma in Art Foundation... and it seems that Rave. is no more! The whole college is being relocated to Greenwich.

What a shame!.. Never mind onwards and upwards i suppose..

Funnily enough, Central Saint Martins, my old university is also relocating, well the University of the Arts colleges are all merging and moving to a brand spanking new building in Kings Cross. I still feel so sad though, the buildings (maybe not Rave. as it was more or less 1960s new - at a guess) but certainly for the building along Southampton Row, its so beautiful and old and seeped in history, parquet flooring, wooden banisters, stone coving - ah well.. Hopefully they wont be as quick to tear down this building.

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  1. I to went to St Martins and got a first! Sad Charing Cross has gone too (were I was based). The history..if the walls could talk. It was pretty shabby but maybe they should have renovated insted of moving! Thanks for dropping by Me Old China!