Thursday, 5 May 2011

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Just before the Royal Wedding, I took a trip 'oop north' to Wakefield to deliver 15 vessels to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to be displayed in their Shop Showcase from 9th May - 22nd July.  I still dont quite trust the postman to not break my stuff, and a little break is just waht i needed.

The vessels at the shop

Here's the shop! That's the display cabinet in which the work will be displayed

It was such a beautiful day we decided to stay up there and make the most of the park.  It's set in 500 acres of rolling rural park land.  I really couldnt believe how lovely it was, the sky was a piercing blue and there were sheep with lambs roaming the land!  I really do feel honoured to have work exhibited here!

One of Jaume Plensa's large heads - they really were massive

Bretton Hall in the distance behind a sculpture 'Promenade'
Terroising the lambs

After the park visit we didnt really want to drive the 4 hours back home, so we decided to drive through the Peak District, somewhere I've never been before.  A little mid-week adventure. 

Stopped at the side of the road to take a photo of the peak district! haha.. cars were roaring by!

We drove to Buxton - I recognised this name from the bottled water, and loved the fact there were railway arches - viaducts? with houses and buildings built literally underneath them, right on top. 

It was all very reminisant of the Railway Children, dark stone cottages, bright green greenery! - have i got the right area?  Anyways, next we drove through Bakewell (home of the infamous tarts!) and ended in Matlock Bath where we were to stay the night in a little B&B.

Matlock Bath


I'd def recommend a visit to the Park and to the Peak District. Really loved it!

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