Monday, 29 August 2011

Almost there...

I cant believe how long its been since my last post.. a whole 44 days ago!

I feel quite bad actually!  I started this blog when I was still at university and I vowed that I was going to put a new drawing up a day!  Well, that didnt happen that's for sure, but i think ive been pretty consistent adding stuff every now and then recording my progress and achievements, but 44 days! Sheesh!

What have I been doing?

To be honest, not much!  Just general life!  I got a job at the local Co-op! (wohoo) whilst I wait for the studios to be finished.  I've been a bit downhearted about it all really, thinking about chucking the clay covered towel in and just gettting myself a simple 9-5 with guaranteed money coming in each month, a pension and company car, but then I stumble upon an old sketchbook from a few years ago, and realise that ive got so many ideas still, so many things I want to try out and develop.  When I dont do any hands on clay for a while, i forget what I'm missing!  Cant wait to get into the studio and get cracking again!!

Below is a pic of the outside studio space taken roughly 1 month ago.  Seriously, you would not believe what it looks like now.  Its like a whole different back garden!  Hopefully ill get down there at some point and get some snaps of how it looks now.  I'm very excited!

Tuesday is the day that the builder, Barry, said it'll be clear to start showing people round to rent the spaces and also to start moving my stuff in from the other studio! EXCITING!

AND I promise to start blogging more again.  Its because I havent got a 'smartphone' with no proper internet!  I cant constantly check this site and facebook and twitter!... its a nightmare

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