Sunday, 19 June 2011

Artside 2011

This year I am lucky enough to be art of ARTSIDE - 1sy July 16th July.  Basically a Southend on Sea Art Trail, with artists working with venues along Southend High Street to produce artwork relevant to that particular place.  This year's theme is 'PAUSE':

"The title PAUSE reflects the site-specific nature of Artside, the exhibited work will be thought-provoking, a surprise or will simply encourage us to stop and view familiar places in new light. Artists will be working with the venues creating site-led work, either related to the type of business, to the individual stories of people working there or responding to the space itself."

My venue is The Railway Hotel, Scratton Road, just opposite Southend Central Railway Station.  Its a lovely pub owned by Hoxton Bar And Grill.  I look forward to speaking to the owners and producing ceramic vessels which captures the essence and the memories the Railway holds.

The pieces have to be installed by 1st July, so I am in the process of making some 'work in progress' vessels which I can place in the venue, perhaps on the piano, or behind the bar whilst i collect stories and ephemeral matter.

Below is a work in progress image:

Project for ARTSIDE 2011 | Southend-on-Sea |

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  1. What a wonderful pub front. Does it still look like that?