Monday, 2 July 2012

Leigh Art Trail 'Hands'

Forgot to mention this before... To promote the Art Trail Kirsty McHattie & Stuart DeVoil, both contributors to the art trail visited each artist in their studios and photographed them working.  The images were then 'fly posted' around Leigh on Sea for the duration of the trail.

I love this idea of fly posting or the whole guerrilla art vibe... Ive dabbled in this area before and really enjoyed it. putting art up stealth-ily in the dead of night.  Infact, some of my pieces can still be seen in the City of London & Westcliff...  Sooo.. Leigh on Sea.. watch this space!.. I think you're in need of a miss annabel dee*make over....

Danny taking a look at my Hands...

I thought that his was a brilliant idea!  Every time I passed the posters there were people gathered around, trying to guess which hands belonged to which artist!  I hope they stay up for a while, as any publicity is good pulicity!  Here are some of the other 'Hands that make Leigh Art Trail 2012"

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