Friday, 31 August 2012

Children's Workshops

Once a week during the summer holidays the gallery became a hub of excited chatter and activity as we held Children's Clay Workshops!

They proved a great success and were fully booked each week.  

Holly, Gemma & Violet getting their hands mucky!

Here are a few of my favourites from the first session.  We started out using terracotta, but found out this made the children quite dirty! I think we have some potters in the making here!

Check out the stance of Finlay's cat!  Couldnt have captured it more brilliantly!  Well impressed!

 George (4) made this T.Rex (with a little help from his Dad)

This fencer was inspired by the Olympics, Faith (10) had seen a match on the TV the day before - how inspiring?

After the inital making, some children came back and painted their pieces.  Typically you will glaze ceramics, but we thought this would be a bit dangerous for the little'uns (as we only have a spray booth)  Also paints provide instant and vivid colours.  Perfect for the workshops

Esme's Rainbow Cat

 Harry's Lion and Cat.  

It was really great fun.  You can see each child has their own individual style.

We are hoping to run some more workshops over the October Half Term and Christmas Holidays.


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