Thursday, 20 August 2009

Avenues and Alleyways

"January by the Sea" - top tile 12x15 cm - bottom tile 20x25cm - white earthenware tile, surface relief and decal detail

So, Avenues and Alleyways is a guerrilla project. The idea was to find inspiration from an area by embarking on psychogeographical (wandering with no particular destination or route in mind) journeys around London and Southend.

I took photos of things that took my interest and of things that you perhaps wouldn't otherwise notice, for example windows, rooftops, television ariels, flag poles, architectural details.

"Clifftown Parade" - 3 tile x 12cmx15cm - white earthenware with decal

I'd then manipulate these images, and using illustration, id make a visually pleasing image, mixed with surface relief to make a surface design for the tiles. (handmade by myself of course)

The tiles were then placed BACK into the area from which inspiration was drawn - clever huh?

"Southend Seafront" - 12cmx15cm - white earthenware with decal

"To be on the street where you live" 20x25cm

"Corner Shop" - 12x15cm

There are more in the collection - Images of tiles and their locations will be added as soon as possible....

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