Thursday, 20 August 2009

Moulding New Beauty

By chance and trial and error I managed to make some low firing glazes (1060/cone 04).

They have a wonderful matte, silky and almost crystaline quality. You just have to run your fingers over them!

However the glazes are quite unstable and runny, so each result is different, depending on surface - which could be a good thing I suppose. (I first tested the glazes on the inside of a bowl, and as you can see from the images, it has run down the sides and pooled, causing beautiful crystals)

It's so exciting waiting to see what's gonna come out the kiln this time.

There are two main colours - pink and bluey/green. I have called these 'Rusted Decadence and Cobalt Crumble'

Some macro shots of my glazes:

Cobalt Crumble.

You can really see the crystals in the image above

See how the glaze has started to run and crackle

Rusted Decadence.

There are two variations of this glaze, the second one has more Red Iron Oxide, making the pooling crystals a deeper reddy brown.

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