Thursday, 8 April 2010

Tectonic Plates

The New English: Tectonic Plates project is based on a small selection of briefs to create some Illustrated plates for a exhibition and book run by Paul Bishop from a company called The New English. I decided to enter two designs.

The first was based on "Hello - the lost art of greeting"
I focused on the fact that Red telephone boxes around London are disappearing fast. It used to be “Good to Talk” as bob hoskins used to say, drawing inspiration from stereotypical London graffiti and housing, i created this beaut:

The second design : "Is the future already here?" sorta is based on the redevelopment of Old London town into high rise tower blocks of the future and the fact that 1984 Big Brother is always watching our every move. I also wanted to put in the fact that kids are growin' up way too quickly, arriving at their 'futures; way before they should...

You can see these designs and others @ New York TableTop Show - 41Madison, 13th-16th April

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