Sunday, 11 April 2010

New Yoik New Yoik

So, only two days to go til I'm in the Big Apple, which is gonna be wicked!

Still have no plan of action, apart from eat well, drink well, shop, sightsee and have fun with my mum, auntie and mums best friend!! It'll be like a random glamorous Sex and the City!!

But of course, the REAL reason we are going to New York is to see The New English exhibition at The New York Table Top Show at 41Madison - which just so happens to be featuring two of my surface designs (have i mentioned this before? hehe!?)

Ive produced a mini portfolio/leave behind to give to little boutiques in Greenwich Village etc etc I'm also going to take some of my Whats up Dollface brooches! eeek! everyone loves a freebie!...

Anyway.. heres some example pages from the portfolio... ill take some actual photos of the brochure when i get them

Had a NIGHTMARE..well not quite a nightmare, perhaps a bad dream... I went to pick up them at the arranged time (after 4pm on friday) to find that the machine had broken down!!!! eeeek! so now i have to go and pick them MONDAY before 12! eeeeeeeek! cutting it a bit fine no!?

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