Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tectonic Plates Exhibition : NYC ii

I took some photos of the rest of the exhibition. It really was awesome! (haha obviously spent to long in the US, starting to use the lingo!). After speaking to Paul of the New English about the response to the exhibition - it seemed very promising! Some nice little snippets of info and leads - all which sounded brilliant if they all came off!.. Piers Wedgwood walked into the room just as I was leaving...

Surprisingly, as I was browsing the catalogue, I can across some designs by a fellow CSM Ceramic Design graduate - Julie Spurgeon! (she graduated the year before me!) I didnt even know she had anything to do with it! Unfortunately, I had already left the exhibition so I couldnt look at her designs in detail, but they weer very good designs, hand drawn bumblebees and flies..

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