Monday, 13 June 2011

Pop-Up Show!

So I did it!  I actually managed to get everything ready in time!  I was still at the gallery at 1am the previous morning before the opening, washing the windows with slightly tipsy people over at Tigerlilys as an audience. Thats a bar opposite by the way.

  I couldn't have done it without the help of the wonderful Danny!  He helped me with all the handy man duties, as when it comes to wood nails and screwdrivers, I draw a blank and all common sense goes through the window! So again, Thank you very much Dan for all your hard work.

I'd like to give the builders and the electrical and all the men that have been working on the gallery a big thumbs up! You've done such a good job - it doesnt look like the same place.  I wish i'd taken some more 'before' photos, but never mind, youll have to use your imagination.  The transformation of the space is amazing!  Before, it was one room with rotting floorboards & joists, anaglypta wallpaper, french doors boarded up, rotting window frames.. all the usual pre-renovation features or failures and now, well now its a lovely, modern & dare i say sophisticated space perfect for showing works of art.

The Pop-Up Exhibition went really really well.  

I had lots of positive feedback when I told people my ideas for the shop.  They were pleased it wasnt going to be another hairdressers or takeaway!  Alot of people thought thats what it was going to be - a chinese, beacause ive got a hatch in the wall!  It divides the shop from the working studio spaces and will provide a window for people to watch me working and for me to see out into the gallery/shop, see whats going on.

Below are a selection of photos I took just before I opened.

Exterior of the Gallery

Interior of the gallery

Recycled Glass Bowls - Debbie Hadley

Lovely exposed brick wall - Original Framed prints by East End Prints & Jenny Robins

All Washed Up! Brooches - Miss Annabel dee*

Material Pleasures - Julie Spurgeon

The Pop up Show has arrived!

Nautical Cupcakes

Wish You Were Here? - Miss Annabel Dee*

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  1. This looks fabulous. Looking forward to the official opening (when is it? everyone tells me different dates....)