Monday, 13 February 2012

Downing Street..

Third visit to No.10 Downing Street the other day! (haha i sound so blase about it..)

I was delivering two vessels to be displayed in the state rooms of Downing Street which will be part of the Contemporary Crafts exhibition there curated by Janice Blackburn.  Click here for some more information.

They'll be there for roughly 6 months, which is brilliant news - hopefully LOTS of people will see them and hopefully I will get some commissions from it. 

The vessels titled 'If That Door Could Talk' and 'Number Ten' are based on - funnily enough, Downing Street and the people who, stick out, particularly in my mind - Winston Churchill for example.

Just a little peek of the final pieces:

The facilities manager there loved them!  Which I'm really chuffed about!  There was even talks about him actually buying the pieces to keep at Downing Street permanently! Cripes! Fingers crossed!

EDIT: They were bought and are now in the permanent Downing Street Art Collection! Yay!

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