Friday, 17 February 2012

4th Downing Street Visit

Was asked to go back to Downing Street to film a short Press video on the contemporary craft & design exhibition being held there.. YIKES! with only a day's notice!

Had to be there at 9am this morning, which meant for me, getting up at 6... (alarm at 5.40 so I can have a snooze).. and boy, am i tired now!

I even fell asleep on the train - something i never do for fear of the 'snoring-so-loudly-you-wake-yourself-up'.  I had only written a short piece of what I wanted to say about my pieces and had memorised it on the train (before the snooze).. or so I thought.  Once the cameras were rolling I went completly blank and I actually have no idea what I said.

So, I cant wait for the actual video.. see how much of an idiot I manage to look like!

On the plus side, I saw Humphrey the Downing Street cat, sprawled out on top of a radiator....

That's the life ey!?

oh no, ive just looked the cat up, and bleeding hell, the current cat is only bleeding LARRY!? whoops!  I hope they dont mind!

Sorry Larry!

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