Sunday, 24 June 2012

Downing Street... AGAIN...

So this was my 4th visit to No10 Downing Street.  This time with my Dad! Hurrah! We were invited by Janice Blackburn to go and have a look at my work 'in situ' and to go on a tour of the other artworks situated at No10 - Old and New!

As I'd been there 4 times already, it was like I knew the place like the back of my hand - The Tracy Emin? of course, its upstairs just outside the room they do the press conferences in! the Henry Moore? just down the coridoor! haha! Only joking!  Everytime I go I am awestruck!  I just cant believe I'm there!  It has been such a privelidge to be able to show my work there amongst great artists,

Take a look at this newspaper article from the Observer a couple of months ago.  This explains it all, how my work came about being displayed there.

Me & Dad - Dad in "Proud Dad' mode
The two vessels displayed at No10. "If That Door Could Talk" & "No10"

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