Sunday, 10 June 2012

A visit to Pulse 2012

Pulse is the summers largest design focused retail gift, homeware and lifestyle show held at Earls Court 2, London each June.

I have exhibited here 2 or 3 before, under the umbrella of CSM Selected - part of my old university Central Saint Martins showcasing up and coming talent (if you've been following me for some time you will remember me setting up two years ago! if not here is the link to the post)

I wanted to visit for a few reasons - to get back on the, exuse the pun 'pulse' of design and homeware, and check out some up and coming talent to showcase and stock at the gallery, but also to catch up with some old friends who were also exhibiting here.

Julie Spurgeon, a resident artist/ceramicist at miss annabel dee* gallery & studios was exhibiting her newest collection of 'Material Pleasures' for the first time and introducing her wares to UK and International buyers, so I really wanted to go and give her some support!

As I was walking through the doors I came across this, literally the first thing I saw:

Material Pleasure's was part of the TREND display! The Teapot on the top stand!  This is amazing! I am so happy for Julie! I hope this brings in lots and lots of orders! The colours are so lovely - pastel tiffany greens and blues! Good enough to eat!

I also caught up with Lok Ming Fung who was in the same year at uni as Julie - We have agreed to stock some of her jewellery and other pieces later in the year at the gallery so watch this space! Excited!

Here are some images of a selection of exhibitors I liked and perhaps I may stock in the gallery at some point - what do you lot think?

Cute ceramic jewellery made by mememe ceramics

Graphic prints and greeting cards by Rosie Wonders

Shaped Mirrors by Haidee Drew

Cute Illustrated homeware and textiles by Martha Mitchell Design

Amazing embroidered seaside and London Cushions etc by Lara Sparks

Embroidered prints by Emma Cowlan

Two fellow CSM Students from the CSM Stands:

Giuseppe Fasano - Greeting Cards... unfortunately no images of these, but they were proper wicked graphic cards!

Black & White (AND glitter) Graphic drawings - Available as greeting cards by Emma Kalkoven for i.e. (in other words)

And finally as I was walking away from Launch Pad, one final exhibitor caught my eye, I <3 SP Design:

I think it must be 'cos i use alot of 'line' drawing and illustration that I'm drawn towards others who have the same styles?  


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