Friday, 25 September 2015

Pop Up in Whitstable

At the beginning of September I took part in my very own Pop Up Shop in the lovely seaside town of Whitstable.

It's just across the estuary from me here in Leigh on Sea and its a place I have frequented quite often on little visits, as one of my friends, Imogen has a place there.

I was sharing the space with vintage lifestyle brand Love Ur Look.  Ronke, the designer had held a pop up shop in my gallery earlier in the year (more about pop up shops later) and mentioned she was doing one in Whitstable and I jumped at the chance!

I made some mugs based on the local landmarks of Whitstable - Red Sands, the historic WW2 forts out to sea, Wheelers Oyster Bar, The Fish Market in the harbour and the Old Neptune Pub along the seafront:

They went down really well and now they are being stocked at the Whitstable Improvement Trust - 34 Harbour Street, Whitstable (if anyone fancies a gander or wished to purchase one!)

I had also brought along some other artists work from my gallery in Leigh.  Julie's teacups and also artist Malcolm Perry's paintings of Whitstable:

Here are some other pics from my Week in Whitstable:

I had an incredibly nice lunch at Waltshaw's (19 Harbour Street) - a few doors down from Show Off Gallery, I had A salt beef on white bread and a sparkling elderflower.  Yummy!  Would def recommend, the lady was very friendly, and if I was into coffee I would be in heaven! And if I wasn't working, I would have had a sip of the mant craft beers they have on offer!

I found that Whitstable was very similar to my home town, perhaps that's why I like it so much?

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