Monday, 28 September 2015

Pop Up Shops

During 2015, I decided to gut the shop every now and then and host a season of Pop Up Shops.

What is a Pop Up shop?  Well, a pop up shop, in my eyes is a space in which different artists, or retailers will move into temporarily - in my case for a week or so - and sell their goods.

The Pop Up Shops over the last couple of months consisted of a a couple of vintage shops, a children's boutique and a vintage inspired clothing range.  They were very popular, however a lot of my regular customers thought I had closed down - as the whole shop was taken over by these other retailers.

I'm still here! I'm not going anywhere!  However, I think for 2016 I may only do a 'Pop Up Corner' where artists can rent a corner of the shop for a week or so instead of the whole shop - as I've built up such a lovely customer base and also a have a reputation for being where I am and selling fine art and ceramics, and I don't want to lose that!

Take a look at some of the pics of the shops:

Love ur Look Vintage Inspired Fashion

Neliana Children's Boutique

Jaded Years Vintage

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